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For over 20 years, Dr.Janet Hibel has helped individuals and couples resolve life stress and problems.

If you feel hopeless about the future of your relationship, try to determine if you have left no stone unturned before seeking a change.

Improve, Connect, Acknowledge, Appreciate, and Respond, are part of the recipe for a loving relationship. Research has demonstrated that healthy relationships demonstrate five times as many positive interactions for each relationship blooper. So say what you mean and mean what you say, as long as you are not being mean. Appreciate your partner, by finding something positive to comment upon, which reflects even a close approximation to your expectations. Appreciate the small things, such as feeding the dog, bringing in the mail, which are said out loud and looking right into their eyes so they understand that you are happy right now. Connect by communicating you have compassion for their emotional life, even if you don’t always agree with their opinion and reaction to life events. Acknowledge their intension and their language for showing love, even if it is not your own love language. Some people show love by working hard at their jobs and being providers, others by nurturing and doing tasks in the home. And finally Respond by doing what is requested, even if it is not important to you as long as it does not hurt, abuse, violate or cause you to undermine important core values. Going out of your way to help your partner can create a sense of partnership and teamwork that solidifies the relationship.

We long to be loved, accepted and cherished within a happy, healthy relationship. Healthy relationships are certainly within everyone’s capability as long as nurturance, time, and effort are applied daily. Acting in a loving way towards our significant other comes easy for some, but for others, it is a challenge to rise above daily stresses and resentments and show the ones we care with compassion and patience. Often we need some coaching to get back on track when relationships succumb to typical problems such as :

  • Frequent arguing
  • Constant criticism
  • Sarcastic tone of voice
  • Mimicking and ridiculing
  • Zoning out into computer, sports, or friends
  • Feeling unsafe and not trusting partner
  • Inequality of tasks/doing more than your half
  • Negative experiences/feeling miserable and alone

Dr. Janet Hibel is a Board Certified Psychologist who obtained her Ph.D. in the APA accredited Psychology Department at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1983. Dr. Hibel is a Certified Addiction Professional serving people with substance abuse disorders. She is involved in numerous professional and community activities, including being a voting member of the 1998-2000 American Psychological Association Ethics Committee, Secretary and Insurance Chair for the Florida Psychological Association and State Federal Advocacy Coordinator to American Psychological Association. Dr. Hibel served as a lay member for the Palm Beach Court 4th District Court of Appeals Judicial Nominating Commission and was a former Board Member, Jewish Family and Children’s Services. She has received the Michael Spellman Award for Ethical Contributions to the Field of Psychology, Distinguished Psychologist Award for 2003 and Psychologist of the Year, 2005 from the Florida Psychological Association.

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